Paper & Kindling: A 3-4-1 Collection Available Now!

Paper & Kindling: A 3-4-1 Collection

Paper & Kindling: A 3-4-1 Collection

I apologize for the radio silence here for a while, but it has partly been for a good reason. I am excited to announce that now available on Amazon, you can get Paper & Kindling: A 3-4-1 Collection! This contains four short stories by me, each with an illustration, as well as stories, poems, and illustrations by other authors and artists!

If you’ve been around my blog for at least a year, you’ll remember last year’s anthology, 3-4-1: Three Tales Told Nine Ways. Paper & Kindling is the next anthology in that series. It has all new content but follows the same concept as the first anthology! Every story or poem in a section took inspiration from the first entry in that section, as did the artwork. It’s a fun collaboration, and I’m happy we were able to bring in some new writers and artists this time as well as keeping some from the first collection.

For more information about this collection or past or future ones (including how to submit your work if you want to participate in a future volume), check out the 3-4-1 Publications website.

Paper & Kindling is a great mix of stories, themes, and styles that you won’t want to miss! You can check out the “Look Inside” option on Amazon to tell I’m not just saying that. It would be a great holiday present for yourself and any voracious readers in your life. As always, if you enjoy the collection, please rate, review, and share it with others! 🙂

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