3-4-1 project update!

341 short story collection!

341 short story collection!

Well, the Kickstarter campaign ended on May 1, and I’m thrilled to say that we surpassed our funding goal! Like most campaigns, we had a lull in the middle of the funding period, but then pledges picked up again so that we were fully funded two whole days before the campaign closed.

That was a nice surprise; I expected to have to be barraging social media about the project in the last 24 hours for us to reach our goal. We’re a small project, and we didn’t pay for publicity or anything, so I thought it would be hard to get attention and interest. But of course the Internet worked its usual magic, and getting the funding we need ended up not being as stressful as I feared.

Using Kickstarter was an interesting experience. I had to resist the urge to check the campaign page like every ten minutes to see if we’d gotten more contributions. Then I had to NOT be nervous when we didn’t. It takes a great deal of optimism and trust in yourself and your project to put it out on the Internet for others to support. Luckily, I knew this project was worth the risk.

Sketch by Lauren Feliciano. http://robot-lolo.tumblr.com/ for more.

Sketch by Lauren Feliciano. http://robot-lolo.tumblr.com/ for more.

So! 3-4-1 should be available in October. I will of course post about it here. To any contributors and/or signal boosters reading this: THANK YOU!

And finally, I leave you all with a sketch one of the artists did as she was brainstorming her illustration for one of my stories. The wonderful illustrations are reason enough to look forward to the final product, although the stories aren’t too shabby either!

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