3-4-1 project: over halfway funded!

341 short story collection!

341 short story collection! Click the image to view the project on Kickstarter.

I’m so thrilled about the response the 3-4-1 Kickstarter has been getting! We’re on track to be fully funded by the end of the month, as we’re just over halfway through the funding period and we’re just over halfway funded.

But we still have ~$680 left to raise. Please contribute if you can and share the project with your friends! No contribution (including just a signal boost) is too small. If you give $75 or more, Christine, Chris, and I will roundtable a piece of your work (in addition to you receiving every other reward level we’re offering). But there are rewards for a contribution as small as $3. We tried to make it worthwhile at any level for backers.

Editing one of my stories for the 3-4-1 project!

Editing one of my stories for the 3-4-1 project!

It’s been a pretty neat experience so far. We’ve gotten a few contributions from people who found us through Kickstarter; it’s exciting that complete strangers like  our project enough to want to back it.

And plenty of other contributions have come from friends, family, etc.—and we’re grateful for all of them!

I’ve been documenting some of my editing for the project on Instagram, as some behind-the-scenes extras (or something), so here’s one of those photos. Enjoy!

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