Introducing OWL reviews

So in my first post of the year, I talked about possibly starting a book review vlog. I’m happy to announce that it wasn’t just idle talk. I’ve been working on the videos in my spare time, and I just launched my YouTube channel earlier today!

It’s called Overzealous While Logical, or OWL, reviews. The intro video below will tell you all about it.

If you enjoyed that, please like and share the video, and subscribe to OWL reviews on YouTube if that’s the sort of thing you do! I do intend to post all the videos here, but the best way to see the new videos as soon as they’re released is to follow me on YouTube.

I’m hoping to post one vlog a month, and I’ll still do separate blog posts here unrelated to the videos as well. I hope you’ll enjoy this new online endeavor of mine!

The other projects I outlined in my first 2015 post are also under way, so thus far I’m being as productive as I had hoped I would be this year! My new commute hasn’t killed me yet, either. Let’s see if I can keep it up.

About Nicole DeGennaro

Burgeoning writer, insatiable reader, and continuous dreamer.
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