WiHM: hopes for horror

Courtesy of the Women in Horror Recognition Month Facebook page.

February is Women in Horror Recognition Month! So my posts this month are going to highlight this topic in some way.

Today, February comes to a close. I hope you all have enjoyed my small celebration of Women in Horror Recognition Month. Maybe you’ve found a new favorite author or director. Maybe, like me, you’ve realized you need to expand your consumption of all things horror to include more content created by women. It can be harder to find sometimes, but each active step we all take to dig up those terrifying stories and movies will make it that much easier in the future.

I’m excited to see what strides women will make in horror by the time February 2015 rolls around. I hope I’ll have more authors to share with you. I hope I’ll have seen more horror films directed by women, and ones that continue to buck the classic tropes. The celebration of WiHM across the blogs and Twitters I follow has been great, but I hope in future years coverage will expand further.

One of the best parts about the horror genre is that it is nearly limitless. Anything can be frightening from a certain perspective, in a particular light. It blends well with science fiction, fantasy, thrillers—nearly any other genre. So there is always room for new voices, new talents, and there’s no reason women shouldn’t make up a larger percentage of the creators. Our minds can be just as dark as anyone else’s.

I’m proud to have been part of WiHM both with my contribution to The Grotesquerie and with these posts on my blog. Next year I hope I’ll have different topics and longer and better posts to help celebrate Women in Horror Recognition Month. I know we’re out there; we like to lurk in the shadows, but it’s nice to step into the spotlight every once in a while.

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