Endings and Beginnings

I’ve never been one for making a long list of resolutions. I like to stick to a few general goals, like trying to be happier or writing more often. In fact, those are the two I plan to continue to work toward in 2014.

I also don’t tend to recap my year on any social media, but in this case it feels wrong not to acknowledge that 2013 was an excellent year for me overall. I attended the French Open; I had two short stories and one flash fiction piece published; I started this blog, which allowed me to connect with fellow writers; and, the crown jewel, I met my idol Ursula K. Le Guin.

All of that deserves mention, and perhaps its own toast! But at the same time, I am ready to keep moving forward, moving upward. I’m ready to build on the good parts of 2013, learn from the bad parts, and make 2014 another fantastic year. I hope I’ll be able to have more stories published and more wonderful experiences. I know 2014 will involve me reading more great books (I already have enough new books on my shelf to fill the year, so I’m excited to get started). I’m sure there will be low moments, but I hope to be able to meet them with a level head and come out the other side stronger.

The coming of a new year is like ending one chapter of your personal story and starting another. I’m certainly not the first person to have that thought. But that’s why it’s important to acknowledge the good and the bad in the year that’s ending—in whatever way you wish to do so—before you move on to the beginning of the new year. Just like a fictional story, our real lives build from what has happened to us and how we’ve reacted to those events. The only way to see the patterns, the progress or the regression in our minds and behavior, is to be aware. You can choose to keep that awareness to yourself, to work on it quietly, or to share it with others, to keep your efforts out in the open. But the important thing is the awareness itself. And this juncture of ending and beginning is the perfect time for reflection; if you haven’t already, I hope you’ll take some time in the next few days to think about the past year(s) and consider what you’d like the future year(s) to hold. After all, it’s never too late to learn about yourself.

With that said, I hope 2014 will be great for all of us. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog; it’s been wonderful getting to know you all, and I look forward to many more enlightening conversations. Whether 2013 treated you well or not, I hope its end will bring a wonderful beginning for the new year. May your creativity flow uninhibited and your energy be boundless.

About Nicole DeGennaro

Burgeoning writer, insatiable reader, and continuous dreamer.
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6 Responses to Endings and Beginnings

  1. Great goals and the same ones I plan to work on as well. Happy New Year to you!

  2. La Toya says:

    What an excellent post! I completely agree regarding reflecting on the previous year how that can inform your decisions and actions for the year ahead. Here’s to prosperity and level-headedness in 2014!

  3. Dave says:

    Great goals, Nicole. Happy New Year to you. I hope to join you in the world of published short stories in 2014.

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