Some big announcements!

I found out earlier this week that my short story “The Keeper” has been accepted by Burial Day Books for inclusion in their horror anthology Gothic Blue Book III – The Graveyard Edition! Now that I’ve signed the contract, I feel I can make the announcement. So keep an eye out for that on Amazon in e-book and print around Halloween this year. (Don’t worry, I’ll remind you about it when it’s available.)

Another short story of mine, “Home Coming,” will also be available in October, in Silly Tree Anthologies’ Scared Spitless anthology. I never made that official announcement here because that acceptance was what started this blog, and I got caught up in cultivating my Internet presence. But I think it will always hold a special place in my heart because it was my first accepted story. My Submittable dashboard is overflowing with “Declined” entries, but these two “Accepted” entries are worth it! All it takes is some determination and finding the perfect publisher for a story.

Silly Tree also did an author interview with me. When it goes up on their website I’ll be sure to link to it here on my blog. But in the meantime, they’re posting interviews with the other anthology authors, so be sure to check those out.

October’s a big month for me this year! It’s also my birthday month, so I’ll have a lot to celebrate.

About Nicole DeGennaro

Burgeoning writer, insatiable reader, and continuous dreamer.
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2 Responses to Some big announcements!

  1. Congrats! Hope the success keeps coming.

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